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Columbia Paddlers Make Canada

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Sea2Source Expedition heads into Canada (photo: Adam Wicks-Arshack)

The Sea2Source Canoe Journey arrived in Castlegar, British Columbia yesterday, and sets out today for a long voyage up the Arrow Lakes.

Castegar News described their arrival in B.C., accompanied by Sinixt Native paddlers.

“Right now everything’s coming together so well with the Columbia River Treaty,” related Adam Wicks-Arshack. “It’s really the perfect time to start getting the public going. Because there’s a lot of stuff going on behind closed doors with politicians, but we need the public to start pushing, making their voice heard that we want the salmon back.”

“We’ve talked to thousands of people,” Wicks-Arshack elaborated. “Nobody is against having salmon… everyone wants the salmon back.”

Link here for the Castlegar News full story.

You can follow the Sea2Source Columbia Canoe Journey on Facebook.

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One thought on “Columbia Paddlers Make Canada

  1. great to hear you made it into Canada, are you getting a positive responds from our neighbors to the north?

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