Water: law/policy/politics/ethics/art/science



From Loon Lake to Chuckanut Creek: The Rise & Fall of Environmental Values in Washington’s Water Resources Act (WA J. of Env’l Law & Policy, 2021) From Loon Lake to Chuckanut Creek (Jan. 2021)

When Water Isn’t Wet: The Evolution of Water Right Mitigation in Washington State (Seattle U. J. of Tech., Env’l, and Innovation Law, 2020) When Water Isn’t Wet – Water Right Mitigation in Washington (Osborn & Mayer 2020)

The Public Interest in Washington Water Law (The Water Report, Issue #167, 2018) Public Interest & WA Water Law (The Water Report 2018) (excerpted)

Native American Winters Doctrine and Stevens Treaty Water Rights:  Recognition, Quantification, and Management (Seattle University Law School, American Indian Law Journal, 2013)  Winters-Stevens Water Rights (AILJ 2013)

Climate Change and the Columbia River Treaty (University of Washington Journal of Environmental Law & Policy, 2012)  Climate Change & the CRT (UWJELP 2012)

Hydraulic Continuity in Washington Water Law (University of Idaho Law Journal, 2010)  Hydraulic-Continuity-in-Washington-Water-Law-2010


Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness … and the Right to a Stable Climate (story of the Children’s Trust litigation) (Whole Vashon Project, 2021) http://The Whole Vashon Project (2021)

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