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Bambi in the Crosshairs

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Deer in Park

Hunting in Washington state parks? You’re kidding, right?

The Washington Legislature will hold a hearing on Monday, January 26 on House Bill 1346, which would open Washington State Parks up to hunting.

This is a bad idea.  Washington state parks are havens for people and wildlife, providing important habitat and opportunities for passive wildlife enjoyment and nature recreation.

Beyond the recreational impact, Washington state parks are THE POSTER CHILD for agency budget cuts.  How the Parks & Rec Commission would be able to implement, regulate and protect public safety is a complete unknown.  HB 1356 has no fiscal note – apparently the proponents don’t understand the status of the agency’s cannibalized budget.

Readers are encouraged to comment to the House Committee on the Environment and their own state representatives.   The HB 1346 website has a link for easy submittal of comment.

Author: naiads

Opinionated (retired) public interest water lawyer

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