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Bon Voyage Columbia Canoe Journey

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The Columbia Canoe journey is shoving off tomorrow, Monday September 30th, leaving Kettle Falls and paddling toward the international border and into British Columbia. They’ve built a beautiful new cedar plank canoe in the “David Thompson” style.

New cedar plank canoe headed to B.C. (photo: Adam Wicks-Arshack 2013)


The canoeists are bringing attention to lack of fish passage on the Columbia River and how that’s affecting upper Columbia people, tribes, cultures and ecology in both Canada and the U.S.

Yesterday they got a big welcome in Canada via an article in the Globe & Mail that shows the connections between their journey and the upcoming renegotiation of the Columbia River Treaty.  Link to the article here.

The original canoeists will be joined by Sinixt paddlers as they head into Canada.  The Sinixt are a transboundary indigenous peoples, recognized as one of the 14 Bands of the Confederated Colville Tribes, but (unjustly) declared “extinct” in British Columbia.  You can follow their journey at the Voyages of Rediscovery Facebook page.

Fair sailing, John, Xander, Adam, Jay and all who join you!



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One thought on “Bon Voyage Columbia Canoe Journey

  1. Have a safe trip, be extra careful as the wind will bring high waves!

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