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Columbia Canoe Journey Arrives at Grand Coulee

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The “Sea2Source” Columbia River canoeists have arrived at Grand Coulee dam after leaving Astoria, Oregon on August 1st.  Their mission is to paddle to the Columbia headwaters in Canal Flats, B.C.  Along the way, they are educating kids and adults about the salmon that once migrated throughout the entire 1,240-mile river system, and the dams that presently block that migration.

Canoe Journey - Lake Rufus Woods

Sea To Source canoe on Lake Rufus Woods, Sept. 2013

Adam Wicks-Arshack and his fellow canoeists invite interested folks to join them to paddle up Lake Roosevelt, departing from Seatons Grove boat launch on Saturday, Sept. 7 at 7:30 a.m. and from Keller Ferry on Sunday, Sept. 8, paddling to Two Rivers.

Next week the Sea2Source canoe journey will travel from the confluence of the Spokane and Columbia Rivers, up the Spokane River to Little Falls — the first dam that blocked salmon from migrating up to Spokane Falls in 1910.   Spokane Tribe schoolkids (who helped build one of the dugout canoes) will join the paddle, and some form of public event will be happening toward the end of the week of September 9th.  Stay tuned – we’ll post as soon as we get the date and location.

You can contact the Sea2Source canoe journey at or 917-684-4247.

Follow them on Facebook or the Voyages of Rediscovery website.

The Sea2Source journey needs support.  Your contributions are welcome and can be made here.

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